Concept Arts

Rebuild Fashion Together

All of these concepts are work in progress materials, but we felt it would be nice to share them with the community. Since reactions have been enthusiastic, we intend to add more examples in the future. For those of you who might have missed the original release of these images on Facebook and Twitter we’ve posted them all here for you to catch up. One of the benefits of our shiny new website that’s already paying off! We can publish more and varied content and share it with you more easily.

United Earth Federation Outfit (or UEF Outfit)
The UEF Outfit will be provided to all colonists when waking up from cryosleep.

Alpha Team Outfit
As promised during the Kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns, this Alpha Team Outfit will be provided to Gold backers and above.

Military Outfit
This one might be handy during delicate negotiations.

Hazmat Suit
It's a dangerous world out there. For the explorers among you, a dedicated suit might be handy in Dual Universe. 

The Alpha Team Outfit with several pet concepts.

If you're new around here, you probably missed the short video we released during our Kickstarter campaign to show the early prototype work on one of the promised pets. So here it is ;)


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