First Pre-Alpha Tests for Gold Backers and Above Have Begun

Saying that this first public testing opportunity was highly anticipated would be an understatement. Eligible players were as eager to experience the game as we were to share the early results of years of hard work and dedication. 

Previous tests were conducted with numerous bots or relatively small numbers of human playtesters, professional Quality Assurance testers, or the community Alpha Team Vanguard (ATV) members*. During these small-scale tests, everything went well. 

In terms of its scale and its highly symbolic nature, this first Pre-Alpha test was something else entirely. We believe getting early feedback is necessary to produce the best possible game and the first players were there to share that with us. Thank you for your support and participation! 

We know that some of you were not able to participate in the first test due to various technical reasons or account issues. We know it was frustrating and we understand that those affected were disappointed. Those issues have since been resolved.

Thanks to the great feedback we received from the September 30th test, we were able to resolve many major and minor issues. This allowed us to have a second test on October 21st. Things were not 100% smooth during this test either, since Dual Universe is obviously in Pre-Alpha and these tests are intended to identify and fix bugs.
Again, this allowed us to identify issues very early on in development. Problems that wouldn’t have been apparent without a large player base on the server. We’re happy to report that, despite those issues, Pre-Alpha participants comments have been very positive!

If you missed these first tests, don't worry, new ones will be scheduled in the very near future! This time we plan on including shorter test sessions during weekdays. We’ll be sharing more info about that very soon!

As you're probably aware, Dual Universe's technology is groundbreaking and as with anything new and innovative, it rarely works perfectly the very first time. Things need to be tested over and over again to be sure everything works as intended. We’re very grateful to the community for your understanding, warmth, and encouragement as we continue to develop these new technologies.

When looking at the big picture, these first public tests provided the team with a lot of valuable new data and information. It would have been impossible to identify issues or collect this amount of data without your help. Thanks to you we were able to address many issues and improve and refine several areas of the game. 

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and assistance as we work to shape Dual Universe into the game we are so excited to share with you.

Your help will remain crucial to achieving our vision for the game. Thank you again for your understanding and your patience!


*The ATV is made up of the 100 most active and dedicated community members, backers and non-backers. Because of this commitment, they have been granted the privilege, and responsibility, of more direct access to the behind-the-scenes processes and development of Dual Universe. More info about the ATV selection process is available here and here.