Crowdfunding Portal Important News: End of the Founder Packs

Because many of you asked for additional time to get the Founder Pack level you wanted, we extended their availability. Obviously we couldn’t extend it forever and now it’s time to move on to the next stage. After September 7th, we will temporarily disable the Crowdfunding portal. No new pledges or upgrades will be possible once the portal is disabled. We will reopen the Crowdfunding Portal later in Q4 2017 with new Supporter Packs. Supporter Packs will include different rewards than Founder Packs and the Lifetime Subscription reward won’t be available anymore.

Note that Alpha will be divided into several phases, and while a Gold Founder Pack (and above) will give an Alpha access at Alpha launch (Phase 1), Gold Supporter Packs (and above) will give access to a later Alpha phase. There are two reasons why we are proceeding this way: first, we want to thank all our Founder backers without whom this game wouldn’t happen. The other reason is that, as we will progressively stress test the server cluster during Alpha, we will have to keep some control on the maximum number of simultaneous in-game players.


Full announcement is available here.