Please note all non EU/EEA candidates must have a valid visa to work in France to be considered for any vacancies at Novaquark.

Careers at Novaquark

Current Vacancies

Senior Graphic Programmer

The Senior Graphics Programmer is responsible for developing all the solutions related to the rendering of the game engine, from the lighting to visual effects.


  • Strong knowledge of C++ (11, 14)
  • Strong knowledge of rendering algorithms
  • Good knowledge of multi-core architecture related issues
  • Experience with DirectX 11 level shaders and HLSL
  • Experience writing systems balancing performance and maintainability
  • Experience profiling and optimizing both CPU and GPU utilization
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
Gameplay Developer

We are looking for a Gameplay developer to reinforce our gameplay team. You will work with the game designer to make the right choices and implement game mechanics. You may be able to work on very different subjects: character, world interactions, UI, physics, animation, audio, environment...


  • Expert proficiency in C++ programming
  • Strong maths and physics skills
  • At least 3 years of experience in video games
  • Shipped at least one AAA as a gameplay programmer
  • Good level of English

You will handles the overall product/project management, development schedules and resource allocation for Dual Universe. You will work with the team to reach its goals by ensuring development runs smoothly, assisting in communication between the departments and helping the team stay in the loop and on task with the projects.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Pre-release responsibilities focused on completing the game on time for release. This means scheduling design, art, and programing so that teams have the assets they need to do the work they need to do.
  • Responsible for mentorship, evaluations, conflict resolution and recognition of the staff to maintain highly motivated and engaged employees.
  • Create and maintain project schedules, milestones, benchmarks, and release.
  • Conducting regular planning and review sessions with team members; identifying future problems and work to avoid them.
  • Convey the vision to the team and transform it in actionable short term milestones.
  • Ensuring a stable gaming product is submitted to the QA process.
  • Participate in the game design.
  • Negotiate with the direction the timing and content of the deliverables.

Prospective Applications

If you’re interested in opportunities at Novaquark but do not see a suitable role listed, please send your application here