The End of Time

26th of April, 2027. The James Webb Space Telescope is pointing towards the distant Pegasus constellation to observe the latest cosmic mega-event that focuses the attention of the scientific community: the explosion of HR 8210 IK Pegasi, a type II supernova.

The outcome of this gigantic explosion is what is called a neutron star, a massive celestial body launched at incredible speed through space. The bad news? It's heading towards the Earth and will hit us in the year 2537. We have to leave.

The Arkships

The United Earth Federation (UEF) decide only 6 months after the news to embark Humanity on the "Rebirth program". Outlining plans to build thousands of gigantic arkships and evacuate the planet of as many people as possible.

It is the most epic human adventure ever and leads to the departure of millions of humans towards distant possible home planets. This is known as the Grand Exodus. Some will not survive, some will miss their destinations. But the belief is that some will become the new hope for humanity.

Rebuilding Civilization

You are one of these new colonists, waking up from your long cryosleep, your brain still confused by cryolag, as the ship just hammered itself in the ground of the promised new planet. You now have a civilization to rebuild.

With a watching AI to make sure you are safe the Arkships are designed to provide the colonists with protection in a large area centered around them. Beyond this safe zone, it's an open and wild world, where you will have to set the new rules, new territories, new leaders and new hopes.

Dual Universe by A. Damasio

The reknown sci-fi writer Alain Damasio wrote a short-story set within Dual Universe.
Download the PDF in English or French below.
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